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Neokeen has owned the property since autumn 2021. The property currently has an existing building with 396 sqm of living space that will be renovated in the coming months. Parallel to this refurbishment, approx. 1,000 sqm of new living space is being built behind this building in the form of a two-storey building with a staggered storey. After finalisation of the work, a total of approx. 1,396 sqm of new and modernised living space will have been created, distributed over 18 flats. Future tenants will have access to over 17 parking spaces in an underground garage.

Over the past decades, the existing building has been used for various purposes and was originally part of Kalle AG, which is still located nearby. The existing building is over a hundred years old, but has been modernised time and again and is to be converted into a residential building through a complete refurbishment. More than 396 sqm of living space will be created, divided into 6 flats ranging in size from 40 to 80 sqm. The apartments will be state of the art in terms of construction quality and energy consumption.

In the rear part of the property, adjacent to the park, a new building with approx. 1,000 sqm of living space will be constructed. It will consist of 2 storeys and a staggered storey and will offer space for a total of 12 apartments with a modern room layout and apartments sizes between 80 and 116 sqm.

The two buildings are connected by a transverse arcade. Access to the entrances and the 17 parking spaces is via two entrances on both sides of the existing building.


Heidelbergerfassgasse 18
55116 Mainz