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The beginning

Company history

Maximilian Frey and Alfonso Cobo Parga studied business law in Frankfurt and met there for the first time. After his studies, Maximilian Frey worked successfully as a management consultant for one of the largest German insolvency administrator. As interim managing director, he ensured the continuation of operations in construction companies.

Before founding Neokeen Real Estate, Mr. Frey realised real estate projects in the field of student housing and apartment housing as managing partner.

Following university, Alfonso Cobo Parga founded a consultancy in 2007 that specialised in the real estate sector. At the beginning of 2017, both business lawer decided to combine their businesses and to incorporate their experience into the founding of a project development company. They used the generated cash flow and their contributed equity capital to plan and successfully implement their first independent projects.

Since then, all business activities of the families Frey and Cobo Parga have been bundled under the brand name NEOKEEN. Two companies form the operational core. Neokeen Real Estate acquires, develops, builds, redevelops and sells land and buildings. Neokeen GmbH, which operates on the market under the name Neokeen Investment, offers professional investors investment services for all aspects of real estate investment properties.

Die Gesellschaft

NEOKEEN Real Estate GmbH

Neokeen Real Estate was founded in 2017. Managed by Mr. Maximilian Frey as managing director, the company structure, which was originally planned as a property development company, is developing rapidly. Today, Neokeen Real Estate GmbH consists of three divisions.

In addition to the property development business, project development was added one year after the company was founded, and since 2019, service development, in which the entire project business is offered for third parties, has also been part of the company’s range of services. Quality control and speed are the basis of the company’s success.

The management of Neokeen Real Estate always occupies construction offices in the properties and can thus be on the pulse of the construction site every day. In the short time since its foundation, numerous development projects have already been successfully completed. The equity capitalization increased significantly.

Currently in the development of Neokeen Real Estate:

Participation in the project planning of a high-rise building in the heart of Frankfurt. On almost 30,000 m2, a hybrid building is being constructed offering space for flats, offices and a hotel.

Residential and commercial building in the old town of Diez (near Limburg). 2,500 m2 provide space for a cafe, a bakery, 27 appartments and a large event hall. The modernisation of the building started in Q4/2022. Tenants will move into the premises in Q2/2023. The modernisation process will be completed when a 1,000 m2 PV system is installed on the roof of the building in mid-2023 and will produce over 1,000 kWh/kWp of electricity per year. A connection to the public electricity grid is planned.
Project conception for a residential quarter in a German premium city. Structuring of the entire planning process, incl. the entire communication with all stakeholders and the implementation of an architectural competition for the residential quarter.
Project concept for the new construction of an apartment building for an institutional client. The property to be built on is located in the Rhine-Main region. The aim is to achieve top energy values while at the same time complying with the construction cost ceiling and creating above-average attractive living space in a region with a high demand for housing.
Complete energy refurbishment of an apartment building in a prime residential location in the centre of Mainz. The more than 900 m2 of the building (14 residential units) will be brought up to the state of the art in terms of energy. After our refurbishment, this building will consume only 40% of the energy of a corresponding reference building, making it one of the 3% of buildings in Germany that achieve this value.
We are

Real estate specialists for the Rhine-Main region.

We invest our own capital in projects we believe in.

We are project developers because we structure and implement these projects completely – fromacquisition to turnkey handover.

We are service developers because we use this knowledge to implement projects for our clients, who own a plot of land or a building and also have the financial means but want to place the development in the hands of an experienced project developer.

We are specialists for residential properties and student residences.



Heidelbergerfassgasse 18
55116 Mainz


Heidelbergerfassgasse 18
55116 Mainz